About Us
Bahçıvanoğlu's Agriculture is as a family owned company  founded in Kınık,Izmir(Turkey).This Family run business is an experienced producer since 2006 and has grown consistently over the years. 
With  over 5000 m2 of production facility, 5.500 m3 of cold storage, 10.000m2 of modern seedling production greenhouses and planting area and 800,000 m2 drying station, we handle  a 2000 anual tons production of dried tomatos and 1000 tons of pepper chery a year. 
-Suppliers for Domestic and overseas markets to producers of semi-finished products, today We are exporting  in Italy,Poland, England, Germany and the U.S
Our company continues to grow with new investments .
Health, flavor and quality are Bahçıvanoğlu's concept of essential and most basic principle of agricultural production.
Health: Our company is certified with ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 9001:2008 . These two certificates are recognized world wide in food security and production conditions.Our entire production of tomatos are grown following strict hygiene standards away from residential and contaminating areas and continuosly analysed and controlled  while on the process of drying under the Aegean sun. After the drying process our team of experts ensure packaging and storage operations under hygienic conditions. 
Quality and taste:  Being aware of the responsability and importance of our profession  our policy is to stand behind the products with the promises to ensure and garantee a natural product of quality without preservatives or additives in order not to create danger for human health and to any commencial activities.
 Bacivanoglu's production of sun dried tomatos starts with a careful selection of the seed then accurately planted,cultivated and finally hand harvest with the scrupulously control of qualified  personnel. The result is a succulent and unique taste product that with no doubt will delight the palates of our customers.
Our selection of top quality seeds for the production process is the starting key to obtain this sweet goodness.Our Seedlings are grown in greenhouses until they reach the proper size then carefully planted on the fields under constant control by our team of agronomists. Fresh product is harvest in the summer time then hand picked from the fields, meticulously washed and graded,cut in half and placed under the hot Aegean sun for drying to develop their full characteristic sweet taste.
Once the tomatos are dried appropriately they are hand collected and taken to our facilities to start the process of cleaning,selecting ,storage and finally packaging  depending on the customer's request. All this process is closely monitored by our qualifi personnel
Only the finest tomatos are selected following strict size grading offering an excellent product to our customers.This is our most important goal.
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