Cherry Pepper

Having grown by our contracted-farmers and harvested  in the months of July-August-September and October;the peppers are accepted by  and under our production team’s quality-checkings.

Selected peppers are washed,eliminated,sorted, calibrated and packed to be taken into storage packaging.Pickled peppers are delivered for storage.Every storage package is barcoded for traceability.In that way, the product is well followed up and monitored from the start to its final production.

 Hand-picked semi-finished products are transported to our factory. With traceable barcoding ,the pickled peppers eliminated and packaged to be delivered to storage containers while being checked by our quality controlling team.During the storages, all maintenances of the semi-products ,their acidity,salt and Ph levels are monitored and controlled.  Products are sorted prior to their calibrations. The final product is completed with perfect packaging  depending on the requirements of the customer's demands.

Cherry Pepper, One-Piece or Round-Cut  Green and Red Pepper

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