Dried Tomatoes

Having grown by our contracted-farmers and harvested  in the months of June-July and August  and under our production team’s quality-checkings; our tomatoes are processed in 24 hours in drying fields.
Dried tomatoes in 5 to 7 days are transported to our factory and eliminated, extracted and weighed in the standard kilograms. Ensuring the traceability ,The barcoded Sun-Dried-Tomatoes are stocked in 1000 tons capacity cold-air-warehouses after their quality-controlling and product inputs are completed.
The microbiological,physical,chemical controls, in all stages from raw tomato to end product of our tomatoes, are done in our factory's laboratory. However, we continuously collaborate with accredited laboratories and scientific institutions such as universities.Washed and half-cut tomatoes are processed in salty, sulphurous solution are left to stay under the sun for 5 up to 7 days to dry out.Depending on the requirements of our clients, our dried tomatoes are well-selected,eliminated and packaged perfectly.

Half Cut Dried Tomatoes, Cube-Cut Dried Tomatoes, Caesar Cut Dried Tomatoes, Grained Dried Tomatoes

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